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queer pages for queer future

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"De-Centering Western Sexualities. Central and Eastern European Perspectives"

Edited by Robert Kulpa and Joanna Mizielinska

"Engaged with current debates within queer studies surrounding temporality and knowledge production, and inspired by post-colonial critique, the book problematises the western hegemony that often characterises sexuality studies, and presents local theoretical insights better attuned to their geo-temporal realities". READ MORE...!

Robert Kulpa: queer pages for the queer future

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in the midst of fluid and ever-changing identifications and positions, i have chosen to self-label myself as "an academic" researching queer theories (always already in plural!), social movements, national and sexual identities. inspired by foucault, i'm interested in socio-cultural conditioning of knowledge production, but also want to look further at geo-temporalities of activism and knowledge circulation. finally, i have been recently significantly influenced by the post-colonial theories and think about their applicability in the study of "post-communist transformations".

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